Heritage Language Survey Report

Sec. 9/10: HL Class Preferences

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The following questions ask what HLLs would like to do and accomplish in their HL courses.

36. What would you like to read in your HL classes? (Check as many as apply)

Respondents expressed a wish to read a variety of genres in their HL class. Students were least interested in religious literature, newsletters, letters and e-mail, and webpages; they expressed most interest in novels and short stories, followed by magazine stories, newspaper articles, poetry, and comic books.

37. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “not important” and 5 being “extremely important”, how important is it for you to accomplish the following goals in your HL class?

  One Two Three Four Five
Improve speaking 121 85 144 232 1030
Improve listening 126 113 210 292 868
Improve reading 120 63 143 283 1000
Improve writing 108 53 133 245 1070
Improve grammatical accuracy 109 56 167 287 990
Increase vocabulary 111 44 101 240 1109

Most respondents felt that all six of the goals listed were important to them in their HL classes. Expanding vocabulary seems to be the first priority, followed closely by improving writing, speaking and reading (in that order). Grammatical accuracy seems to be less important than increasing vocabulary and improving writing, speaking and reading. Probably due to their confidence in their listening skills demonstrated elsewhere in the survey, they were a little less concerned with improving their listening skills than with other goals. A majority of respondents still considered listening to be especially important.