How to Participate


The goal of this site is to provide a central location for a collection of references, proficiency assessments, questionnaires, and research tools that may be utilized for assessing or conducting research on heritage speakers/learners' language skills. We hope that researchers, teachers, and program administrators will both use and contribute to this site, creating a community that exchanges ideas on current issues involving heritage languages and promotes collaboration and further study of this topic.

Using this site:

Feel free to share, copy, or distribute the work contained on this site. Also feel free to adapt the work to suit your particular context. Many of the materials on this site are provided in Word document form for ease of adaptation. You may not, however, use any materials on this site for commercial purposes.

In addition, you MUST attribute any materials you share or adapt to the author. Citations should take the following form:
Author, date of doc, title of doc, National Heritage Language Resource Center, available at [URL of the doc].

As the NHLRC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, we are required to report on the ways in which the materials provided on this site are used, and for this reason ask that you send a brief email to Claire Chik describing how you are using or plan to use any materials that are of interest to you.

Contributing to this site:

If you would like to contribute materials that you have developed and think are relevant to this site, please contact Julio Torres Please submit materials that have been used in studies published in peer-reviewed publications or in approved dissertations.

Additionally, if you adapt any of the documents you find here for your own purposes, please could you send a copy to Claire or Julio so we can add your material to this website.