Proficiency Assessments

Sample Proficiency Exams

  • Problem sets targeting vocabulary, semantics, listening comprehension, etc.

    Description: Vocabulary, semantics, listening comprehension and more for Russian language instruction.

    Language: Russian

    Source: Dr. Tania Ivanova-Sullivan, University of New Mexico

  • DELE Proficiency Test

    Description: Multiple choice and cloze test with answers.

    Language: Spanish

    Source: Dr. Silvina Montrul, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Role-play situations to elicit requests

    Description: The role plays elicit requestive acts on the part of the speaker being tested. Based on the CCSARP by Blum-Kulka, House, & Kasper (1989. Cross-cultural pragmatics: Requests and apologies). In the category of speech act pragmatics.

    Language: Russian

    Source: Irina Dubinina, Brandeis University. Please contact Irina for materials by email at: