Faculty Abstracts


Writing Proficiency Development of Heritage Language Learners
Alberta Gatti (The City University of New York)

Triangulating findings: Using introspective measures to understand how HL learners benefit from explicit and implicit instruction
Melissa Bowles (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Processing information focus: the syntax-discourse interface in heritage Spanish
Bradley Hoot (DePaul University) & Tania Leal (University of Nevada, Reno)

When doing experimental research, remember the wonderful complexity of bilingualism
Matthew T. Carlson (Pennsylvania State University) & Giuli Dussias (Pennsylvania State University)

Top Down Usage-Based Language Pedagogy: Integrating Sociocultural Theory and Cognitive Linguistics
James P. Lantolf (Pennsylvania State University)

Complexity in heritage morphosyntax: An exoskeletal approach
Terje Lohndal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) & Michael T. Putnam (Pennsylvania State University)

SHL Learners' Writing Behaviors and Perceptions of Feedback
Ariana Mikulski (Pennsylvania State University)

The effects of instruction on the development of morphosyntax in heritage bilingual children
Julio Torres (University of California, Irvine)

Phonetics and phonology of HLs
Charles Chang (Boston University)

Form-Focused Instruction for Heritage Language Learners
Irina Dubinina (Brandeis University) & Olesya Kisselev (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Heritage Language Education in Early Childhood: Impacts on Heritage and Dominant Language Proficiency
Sung Park-Johnson (DePaul University) & Carolina Barrera-Tobón (DePaul University)

Heritage Portuguese unchained: border experiences and experiments
John M. Lipski (The Pennsylvania State University)

Heritage Language Variation and Change – How complex is it?
Naomi Nagy (University of Toronto) & Timothy Gadanidis (University of Toronto)

Phonological complexity in heritage Bernese of Ohio and Misiones (Argentina): Examining the role of transfer
Robert Klosinski (Pennsylvania State University)

Complex(ity) picture emerges: Indices of linguistic complexity in the writing of heritage learners of Russian
Olesya Kisselev (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Pedagogy Research Workshop: Advancing what we know about L2 learning through replication
Kevin McManus (Pennsylvania State University)

Published: Sunday, May 24, 2020