Lead with Languages

Lead with Languages

Lead with Languages is a national campaign, spearheaded by ACTFL, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of language proficiency in the U.S. and motivating Americans to become competent in other languages and cultures so they can be ready to compete and succeed in a global economy.

The following brochure (translated into various languages) highlights key advantages of speaking a heritage language and steps that families can take to pass it onto the next generation.

Arabic brochure

Chinese (Simplified) brochure

Chinese (Traditional) brochure

English brochure

Farsi brochure

French brochure

Haitian Creole brochure

Hindi brochure

Khmer brochure

Korean brochure

Pashto brochure

Portuguese (Brazilian) brochure

Punjabi brochure

Somali brochure

Spanish (Latin American) brochure

Tagalog brochure

Urdu brochure

Vietnamese brochure

Published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017