National Coalition of Community-Based Language Schools

The National Coalition of Community-Based Schools is a membership website hosted by the UCLA Center for World Languages and National Heritage Language Resource Center. Membership is free and open to participants in any community language school, including administrators, teachers, and parents.

The website was created to provide a forum where information and resources can be shared among community-based language schools, and discussions of relevant topics can take place. We hope that in making connections between schools that operate in different regions of the country and teach different languages we can learn from each other and support the mission of these important organizations.

The idea for this website began with a discussion during the Heritage SIG meeting at the 2013 ACTFL conference. Community school administrators and teachers expressed a need to share information on a variety of topics, from teacher training to finding insurance and fundraising. We hope this forum will fill that space and also offer an opportunity for national recognition of community language schools.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will join the discussion.