Fifth Heritage Language Research Institute

(Re)Learning the Heritage Language: Integrating Linguistics and Pedagogy

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Location and Maps

The Institute will take place at the University of California, Los Angeles in Royce Hall 314.

Maps to the specific area on campus where the Institute will take place are available online at (you can download campus maps in PDF from there as well).


Hilgard House

927 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel: 310-208-3945 Fax: 310-208-1972

The Hilgard House is approximately 1.5 miles from campus and located on the corner of Hilgard Ave and Le Conte Ave on the southeastern edge of campus. Downtown Westwood is within walking distance of the hotel.

Special rates for the institute are $154.00/ 1 person and $159.00/ 2 people. Use "Heritage Institute" as booking name. You must book your room before May 26 to get the special rate, and you may book a month in advance.

List of other hotels in the area.

Facebook page for arranging room share.

Ground Transportation


The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) offers bus service from the airport to Westwood for $5.00 one-way. Buses depart hourly from ALL terminals to Westwood near Parking Lot 32 on Kinross Ave between Gayley Ave and Veteran Ave. Visit the Flyaway website for more information.


The City of Los Angeles taxi information site offers a list of taxi companies servicing the Los Angeles area.

Public Transport

BruinBus UCLA operates shuttles in and around campus during weekdays.

LA Metro Bus and rail service throughout the city of Los Angeles. Routes servicing the UCLA area are the 2, 302, 305, 20, 720, and 761.

Santa Monica Blue Bus and Culver CityBus also operate in and around the UCLA campus.